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Service Forms
Help Desk (Open/Track Tickets)
Send a ticket to our billing, support or sales helpdesk.
Change Account Plan
To upgrade or downgrade an account, use the above form. Account changes take 24 hours.
Update Your Credit Card Details
If your credit card details have changed, you can use the form above to alert us.
Account Cancellation Form
To cancel your account with us, simply fill out the above form. Accounts are cancelled within 24 hours.
Park or Point a Domain Name
Enable SSH Access
Order Personal DNS Nameserver
Order Personal SSL Certificate
Responsive Supervisor Priority Care™
Report to Supervisor Form

If you believe your ticket was not resolved correctly or in a timely matter, you can contact our supervisor at the above form quoting the ticket number and your domain name. The supervisor has the means and the authority to get things done for you; feel free to contact him directly when you have a problem that isn't resolved through the regular channels.
Suggestion Box (no form done yet)
Suggest a new idea or tell us how to improve, put forward your concerns and feedback! Feedback reports are sent to our highest supervisors for review.
Report Webmaster & Misc Issues
Report SPAM abuse, copyright infringment, illegal activities or any other miscellaneous issues here.

Extra Bonuses
Activate SWSOFT SiteBuilder License
Create, edit and publish your pages using the exclusive SiteBuilder tool (includes 500+ templates/variations).

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