Activate SSH Access

To activate SSH access, please provide us with the required information. We have implemented this measure to protect your server. Due to security procedures, we have very strict conditions when activating SSH. Please provide detailed justification on why you need SSH activated on this account

Reseller Note: Only the master/main reseller account is permitted SSH access. Your resold/sub-accounts cannot qualify for SSH access.

Policy: Anyone requesting SSH access will be required by policy to attach or fax to us their personal drivers license/ID for verification purposes. You can attach this as a graphic file when sending us a support ticket or you can fax it to us. This must be done before SSH is activated.

Fees: $0 Setup Fee

Required fields are marked by a (*).

Application Form
Account holder's first and last name::*  
Your E-mail Address:*
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Account Username:*  
Account password:*  

Give detailed reasons why you/your client needs SSH activation:*

(We will NOT activate SSH if your justification is unclear)

After submitting this form you must FAX in just (1)
of these verification ids to activate your SSH account:

" drivers license, student card, any bill, passport or any form of ID "

We will NOT enable SSH without a valid ID for security purposes.

FAX your ID with your username/domain to: +1-(888) 868-5899 (USA)

Your SSH account will be enabled in 24 hours.

[View identity print sheet example]
To make things easier, you can use the above sheet as an example.


Please allow 24 hours for order processing.
Your IP address has been recorded for security purposes.