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The following tool is available inside the Network Tools feature of the Control Panel.

DNS Lookup:
Allows you to search DNS entries for a particular domain.

Backup/Backup my Site: This option in your Control Panel allows you download a compressed file that contains the directories and/or files located in your account. This is an excellent way to backup your own files. As stated in our policies, we cannot guarantee the quality of our backups as these are geared more toward restoring an entire server. We HIGHLY recommend that you make it common practice to backup your own web pages.

Once you've downloaded the compressed file, you can keep it in your local computer. To unzip the file, use a program such as WinZip.

If you ever need to restore the compressed file, just return to this part of your Control Panel, click Browse, look for the file in your local computer and click Upload.

Cron Jobs:


DO NOT ABUSE this feature. In the event that we determine that you are abusing the system from your use of this feature, it will be disabled permanently on your account.

If you know how to use Crontab, then you are quite aware of the drain that this feature can cause on server resources.

Precautions that you should take are:

Limit the number of processes that you run.
Do not run processes every minute.
Schedule your processes to run at low activity times.

  Contains copyrighted material.
Duplication without permission prohibited