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Here are some links and pointers to areas where you can get further details on advanced web development, Unix, Windows NT/2000, etc.

Quick links:

    Graphics Development

    • Bryce
      By MetaCreations. A simple-to-use package that makes rendering 3D terrains a snap.
    • Flash
      By Macromedia. An excellent program for building dynamic graphical content on your site.
    • Paintshop Pro
      By JASC. An inexpensive but powerful shareware package that is a favorite for web designers.
    • Adobe
      Industry standard software for creating pixel based graphics.
    • Ultimate Paint
      By Megalux. Full-featured shareware graphics program for image creation, retouching, viewing and manipulation.
    • Image Explorer Pro
      By CDH. A feature rich multipurpose shareware image editor package.

    Images, Clip Arts, and Buttons

    • Clipart.com
      Contains numerous links to clipart, font, photo and web graphic links. Images are ranked by traffic and quality.
    • Cool Graphics
      A highly organized site containing large archives of free graphics.
    • Cooltext.com
      An innovative online service which provides real-time generation of customized logos and other graphics.
    • Clipart Connection
      One of the largest clip art resources on the 'net.

    Advanced Web Development

    • PERL
      A great language to learn in the generation of dynamic documents (on-the-fly page creation) such as forms.
    • Developer Shed
      "A resource to build a better web site."
    • The CGI Resource Index
      An excellent CGI script and resource listing.
    • Matt's CGI Script Archive
      A good collection of various free CGI scripts.
    • CGI-Java
      A CGI and Java script archive.
    • Web Office CGI Scripts
      A CGI script archive.
    • SSI Use
      A useful compilation of SSI (Server Side Includes) commands.
    • Sun JAVA Site
      The official JAVA web site, by its creators.
    • Dansie Shopping Cart
      A customizable and easy-to-setup Perl-based shopping cart.
    • Perl Coders
      PerlCoders is one of the biggest and best CGI supersites for site automation and traffic generation tools on the net. This is the Home to AVSMaker and many other great scripts!
    • Perl Coders Script of the Month Club
      Each month, members of this Premium CGI club will receive a selection of one brand-new script that has been written by coders who strive to simplify webmasters' lives.
    • Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
      Where you will find all things Perl. FAQ, Searching, & Browsing
    • SourceForge
      SourceForge is a free service to Open Source developers offering easy access to the best in CVS, mailing lists, bug tracking, message boards/forums, task management, site hosting, permanent file archival, full backups, and total web-based administration.

    Other Essential Resources for Web Development

    • Web-Site Garage
      Very through HTML checking tools, plus image optimization, browser snapshots, site traffic tracking services, site submission to search engines, and more.
    • Developers Corner
      Free javascripts, web software, cliparts and more!
    • Webmaster Resources
      Various website-design related resources.
    • Doctor HTML
      An quick and comprehensive way to check your HTML document code and spelling.
    • MS Developer Network Online
      An useful site with many tips, tricks, and lots of free software to help you build excellent web sites and applications.

    UNIX Help and Resources:

    • UNIXhelp for Users
      Developed at the University of Edinburgh, it is superbly written and logically organized for easy navigation. Furthermore, you can download the entire package and install it locally
    • Unix Tutorial for Beginners
      A set of six tutorials to get you started
    • UNIX Reference Desk
      A very complete and exhaustive directory of various Unix reference sources. A perfect starting point for any in-depth [re]search on Unix.
    • Linux FAQ
      Almost everything you ever wanted to know about Linux, or at least where to find it.

    Misc Pointers:

    • Top Level Domains
      A good compilation of links to many top level domain registries from all over the world.
    • TPC E-mail to fax
      An excellent, free, E-mail to fax service.
    • Search newsgroups, IRC, and the Web for what you require help. You will surely find more helpful links and places than listed here.

    If you know of any links not listed here and you feel that would be useful, make sure to let our webmaster know! If your suggested links are appropriate, they will be added promptly.

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