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There are two chat programs to choose from.

1) Entropy chat
2) PhpMyChat.

Entropy Chat Room:
This feature enables you to install a chat room on your site.

To install a chat room on your site:

In CGI Scripts (control panel), click on Entropy Chat Room. The following screen appears:

Copy the code that you will need and paste this into your pages where you want the chat to appear.

NOTE: Installing this features does draw on the system resources. In order to prevent any problems or warnings from us, keep your chat members to a minimum.

PhpMyChat Room:

What is PhpMyChat

phpMyChat is a PHP/MySQL-based multi-room online chat program. It features: User can configure the number of messages to be displayed, the chat screen refresh rate, User customizable font color, User list display, and more. phpMyChat currently supports English, French, Spanish, and Italian.


Log into your control panel, click on the cgi library and then "PhpMyChat". You will be taken to a new screen, where you can configure the script for your site.

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