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Choosing Control Panel Themes
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We provide our resellers with more control panel themes than most web hosting providers. You can preview all the themes below:

Anonymous - Default Theme

Iconic - Heavy Graphics

Future - Futuristic/Next Generation Theme

Lagoon - Linux Look Theme

Bluecpanel - Windows XP Theme

Glide - Dropdown Theme

How to choose a particular theme when creating new accounts:

Within the "Create A New Account" dialog, you can choose your control panel theme by selecting the dropdown box as shown below.

Note: To enable theme selection, you must send us a support ticket requesting this feature! In addition, when setting up a new domain name under "Create a New Account", always remember to UNcheck the box for the option that reads "IP" before clicking "Create". Only this way will your
accounts be correctly set-up as name-based accounts. Also note, when setting up new domains, you must not use IPs from the dropdown list unless they have been assigned to you. To request
IPs, you must drop us a support ticket. If you set up accounts on IPs not assigned to you, the accounts could quite possibly be removed without notice.

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